Nothing reads, “This is a horrible company to work for”, than an angry, unprofessional response to a negative review on Glassdoor.

Getting a negative review hurts, but here’s the thing – when your employees share their feedback publicly with you, you’ve actually been handed a golden opportunity. By facing negative Glassdoor reviews authentically, openly, and graciously, you can turn criticism into an awesome employer brand attracting new talent aligned with your company values and culture.

69% of job seekers are more likely to apply for a job if the employer responds to reviews

Increasingly, job seekers are looking at Glassdoor when choosing where to work. Of the 32 million monthly users using Glassdoor to look for a job and research potential employers, 61% report that they check out company reviews before deciding whether or not to apply for a job. What’s more, 69% of job seekers are more likely to apply if the employer responds to reviews. In other words, proactively managing your employer brand on Glassdoor by responding to reviews is critical to your company’s success in attracting talent. 

Here are 5 Pro-Tips on how to respond to negative Glassdoor reviews:

1. Company leaders need to respond to reviews

When the CEO or the Chief People Officer responds directly to a review, it shows that this company’s leaders care about listening to their people. The tone comes from the top.

Sign your name
This establishes a personal connection and shows that a real person is responding to the issues.

See how Jeff Sinclair, the CEO & Co-Founder of Eventbase, an award-winning event app powering events like South by Southwest and CES, personally responds to Glassdoor reviews.

Image Source Glassdoor

2. Be Specific – Address each point separately

Talk about how you have or are going to address each specific point. A generic, cut-and-paste response loudly proclaims, “I really don’t care what you have to say”. On the contrary, a specific response shows that you took time to carefully consider and investigate the issues.

Avoid using the word “this”
How? Observe the language used by the reviewer and try to mirror their description of the issue.

At MoneyLion, the Director of Call Center Operations does a great job of responding to each issue in a detailed, thoughtful, and transparent way.

Image Source: Glassdoor

3. Show you’re Grateful 

Expressing a genuine “Thank You” may seem like just good manners, but studies show that gratitude can build stronger relationships (check out this Harvard Medical School article). By responding to negative feedback in a kind and respectful tone it allows others to better empathize and connect with you.

Say “Thank you”
Start your response with a simple “Thank you for…”

4. Share the Positives

Job seekers use Glassdoor reviews to learn about what it’s like to work at your company. So, take this opportunity to share more about you with them – be honest about the negatives as well as the positives. You can make the positives come alive by sharing personal examples and experiences.

Look to the “Pros” section
Take a look at the “Pros” section in the Glassdoor review. What has the reviewer described as a great reason to work at your company?

Check out how Jeff Sinclair, the CEO of Eventbase, turns a negative point on lack of professional development into a learning tidbit on what they’re doing at Eventbase to change that. We even learn about their recently launched a Professional Development Program!

Image Source: Glassdoor

5. Show your Desire to Improve

Most importantly, honesty and authenticity is the best policy. Nobody and no company are perfect – and we know that. It’s what you do with the mistakes or imperfections that count. So take this opportunity to show that you’re continuously learning and committed to improving.

Sometimes you may get a review that you feel you do not deserve or do not agree with. Before sending a response, investigate the review thoroughly and try to sleep on it before responding. Focus on projecting a constructive and respectful tone in your response.

Align to Company Core Values
Align your response and actions with how you live out your Company’s Core Values. Showcase how you walk the talk.

Take a look at how the Randy Frisch, President & CMO of Uberflip, a cloud-based platform empowering B2B marketers with personalized content experiences, approached a negative review he did not agree with by aligning it with Uberflip’s Core Values.

Image Source: Glassdoor

Create Regular Opportunities and a Safe Space for Feedback

Glassdoor is an important platform to manage your employer brand; however, it should not be the only place where your employees can share their feedback with you. Preferably, you don’t want to find out, for the first time, any problems publicly via Glassdoor.

Create regular opportunities and a safe space for continuous feedback in your workplace. You can do that with 1-on-1s or even with us! At Perked!, we can help you create a rhythm of feedback that drives your business success.

In Summary

Negative Glassdoor reviews are your golden opportunities to build an awesome employer brand. Be a Pro at responding to these reviews by applying these five key tactics and show your current and future employees that their voice matters.