Creating an amazing culture at your company doesn’t have to be tiresome, tedious, and burdensome. In fact, many companies have found innovative ways to drive quick, but powerful wins to boost their culture. 

In our chat with Manu Varma, VP of HR at Traction on Demand, he revealed the Traction-Proven Quick Win to Building an Amazing Culture.

Trevor Linden + A Cup + Crowdsourcing = Culture Win

At Traction on Demand, Trevor Linden (aka Captain Canuck) is more than just a great hockey player, he is our model for great leadership and teamwork both on and off ice. In fact, Captain Canuck is our superhero at Traction, personifying the core values that we aspire to be everyday – and so, our prestigious Linden Cup was born.

Every quarter, each of our squads nominates a Tractionite possessing the same traits as Trevor Linden himself – but it doesn’t stop there. This team of Linden Cup nominees is charged with a very serious responsibility – How would they supercharge Traction’s culture? Here’s their three-step process to answering this question:

1.  Delve into the two lowest scoring questions in last quarter’s engagement survey.

2.  Crowdsource culture boosters that could work at Traction.

3.  Implement the proposed solution and watch it come alive.

For example, last quarter we started to experiment with a creative, more inclusive alternative to “beer o’clocks” designed to increase camaraderie at work. Every Friday, a different squad hosted a different event ranging from Trivia afternoon and electronica dance party, to video games themed afternoons and even Polynesian dancing lessons!

At Traction, we’re proud to say that we’re filled with everyday Captain Canuck-like superheros who play an important role in developing ideas and implementing solutions to continuously make Traction a super place to work.




About Traction on Demand:

Traction on Demand is Canada’s largest dedicated and most trusted implementation partner. Traction develops innovative cloud-based technology solutions and applications for North America’s largest and most influential brands as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized companies. Growing from 1 to over 200 Tractionites since 2006, Traction has been named one of the top ten best workplaces in Canada for two years running. It is also one of the country’s first 100 certified B Corporations. In 2015, Traction ranked 21st on the PROFIT 500 list of fastest growing companies in Canada.