Welcome to the #1 issue of the Evolving Future of Work: Smart Pills, Inoperable Surgeries Made Operable, and the Magic Productivity Ratio (52:17).

Each week Jane Chung, Cofounder and CEO of Perked!, shares the top 3 innovations with the power to transform workplace culture.

1. Nootropic: Workplace Doping to boost Performance

Nootropics aka Smart Drugs are quickly gaining popularity in the highly competitive arenas of Silicon Valley and Wall Street to boost cognitive functions – like improving learning, attention and memory. In fact, Silicon Valley giant, Andreessen Horowitz recently led a $2 million seed investment into Nootrobox, a start-up focused on bring nootropics to the masses.

Illustration: Morgan Schweitzer

2. Heart surgeon uses Google Cardboard to save a 4-month old baby girl’s life

What other doctors thought was an inoperable surgery, Dr. Redmond Burke overcame by using a Google Cardboard to turn 2D CT scans into a 3D model of a 4-month old baby girl’s heart. He performed the “inoperable” surgery, saving the little girl’s life.

3. Golden Productivity Ratio = 52 minutes of work + 17 minutes of rest

A recent study by the Draugiem Group used an application to track how much time employees spent on various tasks and compared it to their productivity levels – et voilà, they discovered the golden productivity ratio.