Welcome to the #3 issue of the Evolving Future of Work: Soft Skills are the New Hard Skills, Creative Juices Flow in Coworking Spaces, and Humanoid Robots At Your Service.

Each week Jane Chung, Cofounder and CEO of Perked!, shares the top 3 innovations with the power to transform workplace culture.

1. How Soft Skills are Becoming the New Hard Skills

Steve Jobs once said “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. Although this may appear arrogant to some, to Jeff Booth of BuildDirect this is the highest expression of empathy: addressing customer needs before they are even aware of it. From superior customer service to an improved ability to react quickly to changing market conditions, “soft skills” like empathy are increasingly becoming hard business skills that are critical to businesses’ bottom line. The good news is that empathy can be taught and trained. In fact, humans are wired (via mirror neurons) to be empathetic.  How good are your empathy skills?

2. Creative Juices Flow in Coworking Spaces

34% of the American workforce is turning to freelance employment. This has resulted in an increasing demand for collaborative, fun and productive spaces where they are able to work well. In fact, a recent study shows that 71% feel more creative after joining a coworking space and 62% said their work had improved. Care to share with us your experience working in a coworking space?


 3. Humanoid Robots At Your Service

In Japan, at a resort in Huis Ten Bosch, robots are in-charge of checking in guests. Previously, where humanoid robots were mostly used to attract the public’s curiosity and further innovation, they are now starting to take on more diverse roles in the real world. With improved sound and image recognition and enhanced learning capability via artificial intelligence, Nomura Research Institute estimates that robots or artificial intelligence could replace half of Japan’s labor force within the next 10 to 20 years.