Welcome to the #2 issue of the Evolving Future of Work: Neurofeedback Training in the Boardroom, Millennials’ Tour of Duty, and Noise in Officeless Offices. Each week Jane Chung, Cofounder and CEO of Perked!, shares the top 3 innovations with the power to transform workplace culture.

1. Bringing Neurofeedback Brain Training into the Boardroom

Neurofeedback training has been used to help children with ADHD, enhance the marksmenship of the US Marine Corps, and even improve the aim of professional golfers. It starts by first measuring your brain waves and then training you to change brain activity associated with improved cognitive functions and reduce stress. What if neurofeedback brain training can be applied in the workplace to train greater leaders? Leaders who can better recognize their own emotions and how it impacts their behavior and those around them. Leaders who can control their attention at will to achieve greater productivity, engagement, and happiness. With companies like Muse developing innovative products enabling neurofeedback training for the masses – the future is here.

2. Tour of Duty – The Employer Employee Contract for Millennials

In a recent Deloitte study on millennials at work, 66% of millennials expect to leave their company by the end of 2020. With millennials making up 50% of the global workforce by 2020, this has massive implications on the ability of companies to retain their best talent. So how do you build an employee-employer relationship that is transient in nature?  Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha propose a new compact that acknowledges the temporary nature of the employer-employee relationship and yet still seeks to build trust and investment. When Hoffman founded LinkedIn, he set the initial “Tour of Duty” of his new hires at four years, with a check-up at two years, and it works! Find out more here.


3. Officeless Offices Biggest Downside: Noise

Office design has been rapidly evolving with the times. Today’s offices are “officeless offices”, minimal barriers, glass doors, open and collaborative spaces, and they have a huge impact on company culture, both upsides and downsides. One of the officeless offices biggest downside is NOISE. In fact, studies have shown that you are 66% less productive in open-offices as in quiet rooms. What can you do to reduce unwanted noise in officeless offices? Here are four things you can do. Interested in understanding further how sound affects you? Take a look at this TED talk, looking into how sounds affect you physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviourally.