Welcome to the #6 issue of the Evolving Future of Work: Rise of Distributed Companies, 10 Ways to Become A Better Conversationalist, Hired and Fired by Algorithms.

Each week Jane Chung, Cofounder and CEO of Perked!, shares the top 3 innovations with the power to transform workplace culture.

1. “Talent is Universal, Opportunity is Not” – Rise of Distributed Companies

To reach untapped (and often less expensive) talent, companies are increasingly reorganizing into a distributed model where employees at every level are geographically dispersed. As John Melas-Kyriazi of Spark Capital discusses,this movement is made possible with advances in collaboration technology making it easier to work across geographical boundaries. However, one of the most significant challenges to the growth of distributed organizations is the ability to build trust within a strong company culture. With emerging technologies, this may only be a matter of time.


2. 10 Ways to Have Better Conversations

Technology is changing the way we communicate with each other. With our smartphones, we are more likely to send a text to a friend than we are to talk to them face-to-face. Yet, even with 30 billion WhatsApp messages sent per day, 48% of people say they feel lonelier in general. Communication skills are vital to building trust and lasting relationships. It is also a key skill that differentiates the leaders from the followers and as radio host, Celeste Headlee, notes – a key skill for the 21st century. In this TED talk, she outlines the 10 basic rules to become a better conversationalist.

 3. Hired and Fired by Algorithms

Data-mining companies are increasingly taking the “human” out of “human resources” with algorithms designed to make key decisions in the cycle of hiring, managing and firing employees. From companies like Textio optimizing job ads to attract the right talent, to Visier using predictive analytics to forecast which employees are at a risk of quitting within three months, how are algorithms transforming your role in building talent and culture?