Creating an amazing culture at your company doesn’t have to be tiresome, tedious, and burdensome. In fact, many companies have found innovative ways to drive quick, but powerful wins to boost their culture. 

In our chat with Melissa Quinn, Employee Experience Extraordinaire at Left, she revealed the Left-Proven Quick Win to Building an Amazing Culture.

Bottomless + Community + Thermometer = Culture Win

Steve Nash once said “I believe the measure of a person’s life is the affect they have on others.” At Left, making a positive impact to our community is one of our core values and supporting Lefties’ desire to meaningfully give back to their community is our #1 priority. It is who we are, not an afterthought. In fact, when Left was born in 2010, so was our Unlimited Community Days.

In 2015, Lefties volunteered 544 hours in our Unlimited Community Days initiative from participating in a Downtown Eastside handout to the homeless, to answering phone lines raising money for kids with special needs, to teaching coding at schools! Each person has something unique to give and inspire in others. This year, we’re on track to beating the 2015 record!

So how did we build an Unlimited Community Days program that works? Here are our three secret ingredients:

1) Lead by Example: John and Chris (our cofounders) are always finding new ways to support local initiatives, while giving Lefties the power to take the program into our own hands. By seeing them give back to their communities, we trust that we can make it our priority as well.

2) Make it Easy: All we ask for in return is a photo to share with the team.

3) Make Metrics Visible: With our Wall Thermometer tracking total community hours volunteered, it’s obvious everyday what our company progress is and leads to healthy competition to beat our previous year’s record.

At Left, we imagined if we could positively Impact Our Community. By making it easy, meaningful, and authentic – we made it happen too.



About Left

Left (previously known as Left of the Dot Media) is a Canadian-based multinational media and technology company with holdings in mobile and Internet-based businesses. A few of Left’s most well-known and innovative brands are YO! and Stays. Winner of the 2015 and 2016 BCTIA Tech Award for Community Engagement and the 2016 Best Workplace in BC, Left is about becoming a place for where everything is possible for their team based in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada and Bangladesh.